​​​​​​​I figured other people could give a better description of me than I ever could, so please enjoy my pie graph. I am also including my picture so you know who to wave to in the street. The results were collected through a not-very-scientific poll of co-workers, friends, and family. (I didn’t poll people who don’t like me because I am trying to sell myself here). I would like to add however, that I am not THAT loud. Other descriptors that were mentioned, but not often enough to make the graph: blonde, Southern, excellent wing woman. There's also a real bio below the graph, just to show you I can be serious when I need to.
I grew up in a creative family in Nashville, TN. My father is also an art director, photographer and fine art painter. He ran a design firm where he developed album covers for the country music world among many other things. My brother is a photographer, and my sister is a graphic designer. My mom tried to keep us all in line.
Unlike most kids, I spent my impressionable years hanging out at photo shoots, visiting Hatch Show Print, entertaining clients at breakfast, and playing with Letraset. This is probably where I should use the old saying, "the apple didn't fall far from the tree."
During college I studied photography, fine art, psychology, and how to drink red alcoholic punch out of a red plastic cup - all of these skills have proven to be valuable to this day. I took 1,000s of photographs, drew pictures, painted still lifes and tried to diagnose my friends and family with psychological disorders. I quickly realized everyone is nuts.
I went on to study advertising at The Creative Circus in Atlanta, where I started off in the copywriting program but quickly found myself straddling both sides of the fence. After a teacher asked "if someone put a gun to your head, which one would you choose?" I chose art direction. Although, I still love to write at work and keep a blog going.
I enjoy being creative. It's very much a part of me. It's what thrills me, frustrates me, and keeps me moving through life.

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