2020 was the year we couldn’t spend the holidays with family. Including grandma. And her delicious baked goodies. How did Svedka fix that? By letting us all spend the holidays with the world’s greatest grandma, Baddiewinkle. And the best part? She bakes her holiday cookies with vodka! Yes, you can bake with vodka.
As a result, our scrappy campaign made on a tight budget, (and in just a couple weeks) drove the brand to have 3X more engagement, 150MM impressions, and 20MM unique users. But best of all, Svedka flew off the virtual shelves on Drizly. Cheers.
We further amplified our #bakingwithsvedka campaign with a small army of other granfluencers, whom we invited to get in on our baking action. The result was a light-hearted and fun campaign at a time in 2020 when people needed a pick me up. We saw nothing but positive chatter online. As a result, Drizly sales of Svedka were up 205% since the previous December.
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